Katina Ceremony 2011

Just as other years, after ending three months rain’s retreat, 2011 Katina Ceremony was one of the successful Katina Ceremonies held in the Nevada Buddhist Temple. The great meritorious deed of offering the Katina Robe was sponsored by: Mr. & Mrs. Mangala Wijekularathna and their children, Dharsana, Randi, Dr. & Mrs. Dilan Munuweera and Dr. Lambert Abeythunga along with the devotees of the Nevada Buddhist Temple. With the participation of many monks from various states around the country, lot of devotees and Katina Parade with drumming simulated the atmosphere that Katina ceremonies held in Sri Lanka. Dhamma sermons that were held by monks  emphasized that the word “Katina” means the idea solid or firm refers to strong karma (good action(s) and good thought(s) generates positive energy by offering Katina robe to the sanga council. Also, Ven. Maitipe Wimalasara mentioned the importance of the monks and lay people that without each other Buddhism cannot or will not go on. Therefore; having such an important ceremony and after spending the past three months period performing meritorious acts layman did care and look after monks at the temple bind the relationship between the layman and the monks. Ven. Wimalasara Thero also mentioned that although that rain is not frequently occur in Las Vegas, rain’s retreat was a law that Buddha enforced to the monks in India that rain is frequent there in the past three months.  He also mentioned that Katina ceremonies have been continuously held every year since 2600 years ago, passed away of the Buddha. Ven. Dedunupitiye Upananda explained a stanza that Buddha stated in Buddhist scriptures. Buddha stated that layman referred to as peacock and monk refereed to swan. Swan is not beautiful as peacock but can fly faster whereas peacock cannot fly fast and need to stop frequently although peacock is beautiful. Monk’s life is simple whereas layman’s life is not simple. Ven. Dedunupitiye Upananda thero pointed out that key difference between monk and layman. Also monk has the ability to travel faster along the path to Nirvana whereas layman travel slow just peacock cannot fly fast but swan can.

At the end of the Katina Ceremony, Ven. Alawala Subhuthi thanked and appreciated the arrival of the monks, sponsors, and the devotees who contributed their valuable time and energy to make this Katina Ceremony well worth meritorious act this year.

Please click the link to view more pictures >>>KATINA 2011 PICTURES


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