Why Meditation is Important?

Meditation is very popular in the society today. There are possibly countless number of meditation centers that are spread across the world. While those of who are wise slowly realizing the benefits of meditation, others think that there are no benefits and tends to postpone it  to do it later in their life not knowing that “life is uncertain, death is certain” or decide to do in the next lives of existance. So far that the science is still in primitive stage where there is no medication is introduced to make a person gain ultimate wisdom. Only medication is that there exists is to develop wisdom is meditation without any side-effects.

When we are exploring the Suthras (lectures that were given by the Buddha), Velama Suthra is one of the beautiful Suthras that we come across teaching us the importance of meditation. Meditation is not only good for health but also it helps to gain merit and develop the skill to attain spiritual Enlightenment by cultivating the mind. You can find Velama Suthra by clicking >> http://www.vimokkha.com/velama.htm Suppose we have never driven a car, is it possible to go to the driving test without training and pass the test? Therefore; suppose if we would never practice meditation, will we know when or whether we would have the opportunity to practice meditation in this life or the next?

Scientists are also today very keen to find the benefits of meditation. There are many experiments have been performed to find out the how meditation affects mentally and physically. There are some links that are listed below explains the benefits and some experiments by medical researchers:

For those who do not believe in life after life, it is important to understand that life after life exists. One of the books I solely recommend reading is “Many Lives, Many Masters Through time into healing by Dr. Weiss.” This book has detailed researched cases that proves life after life exists.

Mind controls the body. This body is impermanent, yet mind transform and carry us to the next existence of the life. Therefore, it is obvious that what must be developed and what section that one must focus more in a life time. This is why that we see that Buddhism give higher place to the mind than the body speaking of super-mundane path in Buddhism.

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