Dhamma Sermon Held September 29th

We greatly appreciate and thank you for Most Ven. Dhammapala for his lecture on behalf of young children and adults. We thankful for parents who were willingly  encouraged children to participate this lecture because this was an attempt to create a pious generation in the future. 

We strongly believe that this attempt was successful because children were keenly listened to Most Ven. Dhammapala’s lecture completely. Most Ven. Dhammapala has given a wonderful lecture that was also valuable to parents that how to understand children’s behavior and attitude.  Most Ven. Dhammapala mentioned that how to set standards towards children’s goals in their education rather than pushing, stressing or even further forcing children to select a specific career without giving them a choice.

We thank you and bless you for taking time again specially parents of all the children attended this fruitful Dhamma Sermon knowing three things in the world are rare, The Buddha, Teachings of the Buddha, and Sangha (The Buddhist community of monks, nuns, novices, and laity.). 

  May Noble Triple Gem Bless You!

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