Vesak Commemoration 2013

Vesak commemoration is one of the important religious ceremonies for the Buddhists around the world. The origination of Buddhism started about 2600+ years ago after a felicitous baby was born named prince Siddharta meaning wish fulfilled. Prince Siddharta was born a day like today. Great teachers predicted that prince would either become an ascetic if he decides to r enunciate  or universal mornach.  Although his renunciation was a shock to  the king and queen, because of prince Siddhartha’s decision which lead him to became an acetic in search of Spiritual Enlightenment on a day like today attained Buddhahood. Buddha showed the correct path towards spiritual Enlightenment to celestial beings, Brahma and human beings left us with about 84000 teachings. Throughout the day there were various Bhavana sessions and Dhamma talks were held. Dr. Tilak gave a a Dhamma talk about the significance of the journey that lead prince Siddhartha to attain spiritual Enlightenment. Also, he gave a detailed speech about mudra, Dharma chakra or wheel of Dharma or wheel of life. Ven. Nawala Lakkhana explained specifics of Parinibbhana Sutta, that last journey of the Buddha eventually passed away in front of celestial beings, Brahma, monks and lay people.  Currently residing monk, Ven. Dunukeulle Dhammarathana who gave a Dhamma discussion about six bases in the body with detail explanation. At night Chief incumbent of Nevada Buddhist temple, most Ven. Alawala Subhuthi concluded the program thanking devotees of the temple who were immensely helped to organize the festival and opened Vesak lantern contest among who received awards those of who became first, second and third places for creativity and effort that they put towards making most beautiful Vesak lanterns.