Happy New Year 2015 (Subha Aluth Awruddak Wewa)

As we are welcoming the New Year, we wish you wholeheartedly that may this New Year be a great New Year. It is easy to welcome the New Year but it maybe difficult to let go of unwholesome memories of 2014 more so than wholesome memories. However; it is your duty to train yourself to let go of every moment. When you begin to live in the present moment, every moment is a new moment; every minute is a new minute, every hour is a new hour; every day is a new day, every month is a new month and every year is a new year with fresh start with fresh mind. If you have not noticed, what you can notice is that the nature of time is impermanent. This means that every moment; every minute; every hour, every day, every month and every year that the amount of time that we have to live also gets shorter. This is the nature of life. This gives a great value to the time that even though it is impermanent. In day to day life regardless of monks, lay people or celestial beings, or other forms of living beings are bounded by the time. Because we are bounded by the time, time is invaluable for us not just in day to day activities towards success in life but also while travel in the path of purification toward the spiritual Enlightenment. Therefore; even the last word of the Buddha was to be earnest towards spiritual development. Buddha mentioned that just as someone’s hair caught on fire and that person try to put out fire earnestly, one should be earnestly travel in the purified path towards spiritual Enlightenment. Therefore; likewise you have always be with the temple and associated monks, we believe that you will be closely stay with the temple in this New Year and benefit from our service and dedication towards accomplishing your final goal of Spiritual Enlightenment.

Please join with us to pay homage to the 28 Buddhas January 1st, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. Nevada Buddhist Temple

May your wishes be fulfilled, may you, your families, relatives, friends live healthy, wealthy, peacefully, and may your children’s education wishes be fulfilled, May you have a spiritual success.

 Thank You.

May Noble Triple Gem Bless You!