Vesak Commemoration 2016

Birth_Enligthenment_PassingAwayVesak day is one of the most important commemorations to the Buddhists around the world because of the prince Siddhartha’s birth, becoming of the Buddha, and passing away of the Buddha. Having proving that reaching the maximum level of supra-mundane wisdom that can be achieved by a human being is possible for living beings who dwell in the defilement of desire, delusion and ill will, Dhamma that Buddha revealed consoled not only the humanity but also the various living beings up to the highest realms of existences. By having to commemorate these three events that took place more than 2500 years ago in the Vesak Day, dependent origination or the wheel of life and the way to cease the wheel of life ceasing the dissatisfaction of life, unhappiness of life, insecurity of life, cycle of suffering in life after life, is the absolute truth that Buddha left behind for those who are wise to learn, practice and experience. Therefore; we compassionately welcome all of you to Vesak commemoration at the Nevada Buddhist Vihara May 22nd, 2016 to observe precepts and meet valuable monks guide you to see within, experience within, and eventually realize within attaining spiritual Enlightenment. 

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 May Noble Triple Gem Bless You!